40 years after the Flèche Wallonne finished in Huy for the first time, the Belgian town and the legendary Ardennes classic are celebrating their ruby anniversary.
The love affair between Huy and cycling began in August 1869 with a race at the annual Huy fair. A velodrome was built there in 1919, a decade and a half before the first Flèche went through Huy in 1936.
Huy earned its "finish town" stripes in 1983, back when the finish line was still on the Quai d'Arona, by the Meuse river. The Mur de Huy, a temple for male and female pro and amateur riders, first hosted the climax of the Flèche Wallonne in 1985 and has never let it go.
It is hard to find anyone in or around Huy who is not proud to roll out the red carpet for the Flèche, but the Tour de France has also paid us a visit in 1995, 2001, 2006 and 2015. These unforgettable experiences have only left us yearning for more!
Cycling fans —and everyone else— will get to cheer on their favourites again in the 2023 edition.
The men and the women will go over the climb three times each, showcasing the guts and passion of the athletes who have to grind their way up this daunting 900-metre slope.
Huy is thrilled to partake in this celebration of cycling year after year. The Flèche Wallonne in Huy is a love story that lures and endures!


© A.S.O./Gautier Demouveaux