Kevin Vauquelin: “I may have waited a little too long”

April 17 th 2024 - 17:52

“It’s a nice 2nd place. I just waited a little too long to accelerate in the finale. I also messed up a bit with my gears, my fingers were a bit cold. But for the rest of the race, I think I managed it well, I had to respond to the attacks on the penultimate climb of the Mur de Huy. There were 4 or 5 of us breaking away on the climb at that time, we tried it, but behind the group was organized enough to catch us up and then we were able to get back to Kragh Andersen. On the final climb, I stayed on Benoit Cosnefroy's wheel, I knew it was a safe bet. Maybe I waited a little too long.
The conditions were special, but mentally I had already prepared myself for it, I knew that we would be cold in the rain. In any case, we had to take a step forward, that’s what I expected from my recent progress. It’s encouraging, that’s what I wanted. It’s true that the level of the French riders is increasing. And we all want to win races, we push ourselves to the top. It’s a good trend, we have to take advantage of it, it’s good for us.”