Huy is one of the main tourist centres in the Meuse basin, boasting many natural treasures and a rich heritage. In the town centre, colourful terraces, eye-catching shops, shady parks and lively pedestrian areas allow visitors to enjoy a taste of the town’s warmth. Huy, a place steeped in festivals, culture and sports, is celebrating its Septennial Festivities in 2019 along with a whole calendar of outstanding events.The Condroz Rally, the 15 August Fair, a wide range of festivals and exhibitions, and the New Year events near the ice rink on the Grand-Place punctuate the seasons. Of course, there is also La Flèche Wallonne elite race, as well as La Flèche Wallonne Féminine, which has finished here since 1998 to the delight of thousands of cycling fans and the terror of the peloton, which has to go deep into the red to tame the 19% slopes of the iconic Mur de Huy.

Huy © Steven Schweig