With its extraordinary historical centre, Herve (population 18,000) is a hub for employment boasting numerous shops and businesses, renowned education facilities with its diverse schools, and a wide variety of sports associations and clubs. Its abundant water resources, symbolised by the Six Fontaines springs, may explain this hilly area’s long history of agriculture and forestry, dotted with orchards, hedges, pastures and a large number of farms. Herve is very much a town nestled in the countryside, and together with its surrounding area is known for its production of apple and pear syrups and even more so for its artisanal cheeses, which are the only ones to have the Protected Designation of Origin label in Belgium.

Herve's eleven villages organise a number of events including the Herve Cavalcade, the Saint Léonard fair, the Belzik Festival, the Battice-Herve agricultural show, the Flèche Ardennaise cycling race, and the “Rue du Bocage” street theatre festival. Herve is a great place to live!


© G. Bugni photographe