Stretching over 2,300 hectares, the municipality of Ans presents an urban face to the south and on the limit with Liège, a rural one to the north, with the bucolic landscapes of Xhendremael, and an industrial and commercial one in the town centre. Ans spans the former municipalities of Ans, Alleur, Loncin and Xhendremael and is a medium-sized town with close to 28,000 inhabitants.

Located at the heart of a close-knit motorway network, Ans boasts a prime location near the Netherlands, Germany and Luxembourg, contributing to its economic growth and the presence of numerous cutting-edge tech firms in its industrial estates. Ans is also a sporting town, with no fewer than 60 clubs, and hosts a wide range of cultural activities for people of all ages: multiple exhibitions in Waroux Castle, concerts at the cultural centre and cultural and popular celebrations punctuate life in Ans.

Ans © Jean-Claude DESSART