Going over Le Mur...


Encounters can often shape the course of a life, but it is rarely those that can be experienced with a wall.

However, this is what happened when the peloton of the Flèche Wallonne took the Chemin des Chapelles, a narrow, windy and dreadfully steep road, to the extent that it was immediately renamed the Mur du Huy (the Wall of Huy). Since then, this huge kilometre of suffering and euphoria has resulted in some spectacular encounters, of which the intensity is heightened by the magic of the challenge of a first-rate classic and its almost vertical final climb! After many remarkable exploits, the Mur de Huy has allowed the concept of the race to evolve and take on a new dimension, which has led to the exceptional atmosphere present at the Flèche Wallonne.  Once again the cream of the “punchers” will travel to Belgium to honour the race and its surroundings.

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